Welcome to Dang Brother Pizza!

Dang Brother Pizza is proud to bring authentic, mobile wood-fired pizza to all parts of San Diego with our custom, 1974 American La France yellow pizza firetruck.

This unique truck and wood-buring oven combine into the ultimate catering and pizza machine! The oven is imported from Italy, and built right into the back of our firetruck.

We offer a tasty Neapolitan style thin crust pizza that cooks in less than 2 minutes at 800+ degrees. The result is a thin bubbly crust that is slightly charred on the outside yet chewy on the inside. Our dough is made from scratch daily and allowed to proof for 1-2 days before it ends up in our ovens. Our pizzas are topped with fresh and organic produce from local farms when possible to create a made-to-order pie that is absolutely melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

Our truck specializes in wood fired pizzas but offers full service catering options that include appetizers, salads, desserts, and hand crafted beverages poured right off of the custom tap on the pump panel of the truck. Our truck and crew will create an event that guests will not forget whether it is a corporate catering function, food truck gathering, festival, private party, charity fundraiser, birthday party, block party, late night wedding truck… you name it- we’ll be there. Look for our  yellow, blue, or red fire trucks around southern California and now Phoenix,AZ. Check out our Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop, share feedback or find us at our next event.

Jessica's Yelp Review

“We hired Dang Brother for our wedding at the San Diego Firehouse Museum. We had 220 guests! They were super responsive and amazing to work with! The night of the event they were super helpful and kept food going all night long for our guest! I would definitely use them for another party!”

Catherine's Yelp Review

“Dave, Jody and the staff were warm, fun, and made amazing food (my husband is picky with pizza and loved it and the brownies Jody makes!! Wow!)! They customize and care about the details of all the aspects of their service and go the extra mile to make everything special. Their prices were very fair; they added on extras and made the entire experience enjoyable and unique.” 

Chad's Yelp Review

“Awesome! I had Dang Brother pizza cater my brother in laws 50th birthday party! They came to my house and parked in the driveway! On time and delivered as promised! Fantastic pizza, great appetizers and good SD brewery beers on tap!! The Ward LaFrance fire truck  was a huge hit with everyone! Way cooler than your average box truck. I wouldn’t hesitate one second to recommend them!”

Jaquelyn’s Yelp Review

“A lifetime is full of important days – milestones and achievements that are celebrated and commemorated for decades to come, days such as the birth of your first child; the original acquisition of an income that grants the choice to forgo ramen forever; or a lifetime lockdown certificate with that special someone. One’s life is full of these special moments, but it is taken for granted that we will be able to hold onto all of them forever. If I were told that I would be involved in a terrible incident involving attacking feral kittens that would render me brain damaged, and I would forget every important moment that I had so far encountered in life save for one, I would reserve the memory of my first time at Dang Brother Pizza. 

To call themselves a pizza business is a reflection of their humbleness, for the only way to describe Dang Brother is as an experience – one of the miraculous sorts that our ancestors would have built churches for and effigies of and worshipped as the new dang religion. Each masterpiezza is carefully handcrafted and customized to your every desire by the talented Vincent van Doughs and Pablo Pizzacassos who work there. 

Through an artful process of skillful spinning tosses and magic, the pizzas are created directly in front of you. Like a proud parent, you are able to witness the dough ball take shape, develop it’s individuality through topping choices and, finally, be tossed into the allegorical flames of life only to emerge as a matured and improved version of its prior self. The entire phenomenon is so immense and life changing that it is advised that those who are pregnant or have a heart condition look away. 

It has been several days since I consumed the pizza and I feel as though it is safe to assume that it has bid goodbye to my stomach in search of bigger and better things, but the short time we spent together will never be forgotten and it will always be a part of me.”

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